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ONL061 From Suburb to FarmONL061 From Suburb to Farm


A misty morning on the walking trail.

Jon and I have been very busily transitioning from suburb to farm. It has been quite an adventure! Thanks to all of you who have been following us on facebook or Twitter, send encouraging emails, and listening to the archives of our Podcasts. I finished my last day of my 33 year teaching career Friday, May 28, so we hope to get back to regularly scheduled blogs and Podcasts again. Thank you for your loyalty and patience.

Since our last Podcast on April 2, we have completed so many projects at Broad River Pastures! In spite of the busyness, Jon religiously walks the farm each morning with his coffee and takes time to enjoy the beauty here. On the left is a photo of the woods near Kelley Creek one misty morning in May. I’ll see if we can post more of his morning walk photos on the Our Natural Life Podcast page on facebook.

We have been greatly blessed this month to become grandparents once again! This time we have a grandson. Mom, Dad, big sister and baby are doing fine.

Beans in our Square Foot Garden

Another blessing on our farm is the arrival of interns Andrew and Patrick. They have provided invaluable skills, ideas, and labor for us as we get things started. They’ve used scrap lumber to build our square foot gardens, built a duck coop/schooner style, removed our barbed wire fences, and built compost bins. Not bad at all for their first 10 days on the job!

Our new barn. (click for full size)

Better Bilt Homes erected our Garage Workshop/Apartment building in only 8 days in April. We need to add HAC, electric, plumbing, and insulation, but we are very glad to have the storage space and workshop for Jon. The construction short movies are on YouTube here.

We welcomed our first farm animals this weekend! Cici and Pearl are rescued Great Pyrenees who have been working as Livestock Guardian Dogs on a farm with goats, chickens, and ducks. They are anxiously awaiting a new flock to protect. In a few days we will be bringing up some Khaki Campbell duck layers for them to work protect. They will be providing the border patrol we need to keep coyotes, wild boar, foxes, and feral dogs off the farm. Our neighbors the Youngs at Natures Harmony Farm are raising a thousand broilers on pasture with no losses thanks to their hard working livestock guardians.

We are grateful to all the servicemen who risked or lost their lives to serve their country, and those who continue to serve. We hope that you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for all your support, letters, donations, and support by shopping our Amazon Store, Selina Naturally, and other affiliates.

Jon and Cathy.

Live “Farm Cam”

Broad River Pastures blog.

All images (c) 2010 Alchemy New Medial LLC, all rights reserved.

Our Border Patrol, CiCi and Pearl taking shelter from a thunderstorm.

Yum, chicken for dinner.

Checking out her new home.

Our new duck housing.

3 comments to ONL061 From Suburb to Farm

  • Update on the border patrol: I discovered today that we are the fifth owners for these GP sisters. The other four owners were goat farmers so they do have experience. They have also been spayed. Their names up until 6 months ago were Belle (CiCi) and Lucy (Pearl). I like those names better so we’re switching them back.
    .-= Cathy Payne´s last blog ..ONL061 From Suburb to Farm =-.

  • Terry Wright

    Hi Cathy!

    The place looks beautifull. Congrats.
    My roommate, Glen, who works at Nutrition Depot has been
    talking about eating some duck and how good it is. When
    yours are ready you’ll have to let us know…..that is if
    your going to sell them.



  • Terry, our duck layers will be for eggs. However, my friend Sally Robertson at Treffynon Farm in Conyers is raising Pekin ducks for meat. She is also taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas geese. Check back in September if you want to try duck eggs!
    .-= Cathy Payne´s last blog ..ONL061 From Suburb to Farm =-.