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ONL062 Conversation with Jimmy Moore – Living the Low-Carb Life

450092728_b137fa8a9a.jpg Jimmy Moore is the energetic host of the wildly popular podcast show, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb. In this show we talk to him about his 180 pound weight loss, the lessons he has learned through personal experience and his interview guests, and his two books. We also discuss the USDA proposal for the 2010 dietary guidelines. Jimmy does not mince words, and I think you will enjoy the interview.

In 2003, Jimmy Moore was suffering from high blood pressure, a bad lipid profile, high blood sugar, breathing difficulties and many of the other discomforts caused by morbid obesity. He weighed 410 pounds and wore a size 62 pants. After his mother-in-law bought him a book by Dr. Robert C. Atkins about losing weight on a low carb diet, he made a new year’s resolution to lose weight. He began January 1, 2004 and ended December 31 180 pounds lighter! If this is not remarkable enough, he has kept the weight off now for over 5 years!

In order to answer all the questions people asked him about how he accomplished this feat, Jimmy published his first book, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey from Flabby Fat to Sensationally Skinny in One Year. Eventually he started his blog and podcast and is now a full time advocate for the low-carb lifestyle. He now has a second book that shares what he has learned titled, 21 Life Lessons from Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: How the Healthy Low-Carb Lifestyle Changed Everything I Thought I Knew. If you want further information about this low-carb lifestyle and would like to get started, Jimmy recommends Dr. Robert C. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution and/or The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great by Eric C. Westman.

In our podcast interview ONL062, Jimmy candidly answers questions about the support he received from his family, his struggle with sugar addiction, the most important lessons learned, and his dismay with government guidelines for dietary needs. If you have not subscribed to Jimmy’s newsletters and podcasts, you are missing out on some great information and entertainment. I love to listen to his show! He has so many great guests knowledgeable about holistic health, weight loss, heart health, and nutritious eating. To get started, I highly recommend episode #372 with Ann Marie Michaels aka CHEESESLAVE and founder of the Real Food Media group we are affiliated with. On Jimmy’s website, you can also connect to his YouTube page and forum.

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Here at Broad River Pastures, the ducks are now moved onto pasture near our new pond. They are ignoring their soy-free rations in favor of frog eggs and polliwogs in the pond. They’re really getting a workout and strengthening their legs and wings with swimming, “running” on the water, and diving. The field fence is up, and we’re looking at some ewes this weekend. Our sheltie, Nicky, is suffering from the heat and became dehydrated. He is spending a day or two at a nearby animal hospital for IV treatment and monitoring. Lucy and Belle inherited one of the duck pools and have been digging dusty nests to keep cool in the 100 degree June heat. Time for more rain!

I’ve attended two of our local farmer’s markets and found great treats both in Washington, Georgia and Anderson, South Carolina. I went to Anderson with my neighbor Pam who helped me locate all the local shops. We visited Split Creek Farm, a local grade A goat dairy so I could stock up on raw milk. Then I found a vendor at the market selling raw Jersey milk as well. Luckily I had plenty of ice and room in my cooler. It is very odd to buy raw milk for human consumption in Anderson, SC when just 70 miles away in Athens, GA it is illegal to sell except as pet food.

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4 comments to ONL062 Conversation with Jimmy Moore – Living the Low-Carb Life

  • Jon

    Here is an interesting link to a website that is also disgusted with the new USDA/HHS Dietary Guidelines.


  • Cathi

    Thank you for your show today with Jimmy Moore!

    I can relate to loosing a sister to the USA Guidelines. She died of Congetstive Heart Failure, collapsed arteries that were brought on by or many of years of fighting Diabetes, which had caused blindess and Neuropathy with cutting of limbs along with horrible obesity. She was so huge that they had to use many nursese to turn her around in the hospital bed. She was a mess by the time she died and in more pain than I can even imagine.

    I wish just as Jimmy Moore mentioned that the proper nutriional counseling would have been given to save her, but conventional doctors just tow the usual USA Guildlines that literrally killed my sister. She tried to do Adkins, but her doctor got her to stop, because the doctor felt it was wrong, and of course the doctors is always right, and my sister followed what she was told to her death, which just happened back in 2004.

    Anyway, Please keep up the Good Fight for the rest of us who are still alive and there is hope. I know Low Carb, whole foods is the way to go.

    I personally fight the battle of Autoimmune Celiac Spru and Hasimotos Tyroid Desease, which means no Wheat, Barley, and Rye, so no USDA Grains. I also have Dairy/Casein Sensitivities along with Corn, Soy, and MSG. So, it makes it interesting, when trying to keep it low carb, but I feel that is the way to go.

    Thanks again and keep the message going

    Cathi L. Gross

  • Cathi, thank you for your support. It is hard to understand recommending carbs fir diabetes and low fat for CHD knowing what I know about nutrition. It seems that the word is slowly getting out thanks to passionate people like Jimmy. We will continue to promote real, local food. This week we purchased our starter flock of sheep to help us heal and improve the land and provide grass fed meat for ourselves and others. Keep listening!

  • Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this topic so thoroughly. I look forward to future post.
    The Natural Health field is growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the world. And millions of Americans — aware of the detrimental effects of drug-based western medicine — are joining health oriented people around the globe in embracing an alternative natural approach. Encompassing the core building blocks of all living organisms, an holistic lifestyle promotes the building, repair, and maintenance of health. Kingdom college of natural health