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Pets Need a Natural Life, Too! (Podcast ONL073)

KimJeannie.jpg Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, veterinary naturopaths and co-hosts of the popular Podcast, Animal Talk Naturally, spent an hour talking with Jon and me about their journey in promoting naturally health care for pets. Just as humans thrive on a holistic approach to health care and eating traditional, real foods, pets thrive on a species specific diet and a holistic approach to wellness over treating of symptoms. Their passion for healthy, whole animals is reflected in our conversation as well as in the work they do for holistic health through a variety of venues. Our interview can be downloaded from the link below or on iTunes, Zune, Tivo, or Stitcher.

Podcast ONL073

It’s been a couple of years since we talked about holistic pet care. While many of our listeners may not (yet) have farm animals to tend to, the average American is a pet owner of one or more species. Pets are part of the family and cared for as such. I see a huge parallel between the health issues in our pets and those of the pet owners. Diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, joint issues, and thyroid problems are way too common in cats and dogs these days. Many if not most of these issues could be linked, as in human health, to inappropriate diet, vaccinations, and chemical exposure.

Our newest house dog, Cody, is a five month old English Shepherd. While he is a family companion, he is also a working dog on the farm, expected to help with herding, vermin control, keeping livestock from getting to rough with us, and guarding livestock and family. He needs to be sound, of good temperament, and athletic to perform his duties. We are helping him develop the best of his potential with training, a species appropriate diet, and minimal exposure to chemicals and toxins in his environment.

Kim Bloomer and Jeannie Thomason have been teaching about natural animal care since 2004. They were pioneers in the areas of chat, blogging, webinars, and audio podcasting. Kim and Jeannie are adjunct professors in the animal health program of Kingdom College for Natural Health. They recently founded the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. Their primary focus is on prormoting health versus disease management and in empowering pet owners to rear naturally healthy dogs through proper diet and holistic care. They require their clients to use a species appropriate raw diet for carnivores. Their motivation and passion stem from a love of animals and education.

Kim has written two books including Whole Health for Happy Dogs: A Natural Health Handbook for Dogs and Their Owners , co-written with Jill Elliott, DVM.

Visit their websites at www.aspenbloompetcare.com and www.thewholedog.org. You can download past episodes of Animal Talk Naturally on iTunes. Be sure to listen to our Podcast interview with these knowledgeable practitioners! Jon and I will be guests on Animal Talk Naturally February 9th.

Broad River Pastures Farm Updates

Our first Silver Rabbit doe’s litter has 4 healthy kits, age 18 days now. They are out of the nest box, fully furred, and hopping about with their eyes open. It is very rewarding to see the life process unfold from breeding to birth and maturation in such a short span of time! I’ve added a rare white Beveren doe to the rabbitry. She came bred and we are looking for a litter in mid February. Jon brought home an additional trio of rabbits from Maryland via Whitmore Farm. One of those does is also expecting a litter in mid February.

We are adding additional room to our barn to help with feed storage and to allow us to remodel the rest of the building and apartment. Things are developing quickly and professionally. We will have an apartment ready for our next intern very soon!

Our 13 Orpington and Orpington-cross hens are all laying medium to large eggs now. Our 8 Black Copper Marans hens began laying small eggs recently, too. The ducks continue to lay extra large and Jumbo sized eggs. All of the birds are great winter foragers regardless of cold weather or rain. However, the ice and snow did keep them in for a day or two.

Featured Homesteaders

We recently received the following letter from a listener in the Czech Republic:

Hello Jon and Cathy

I only just found your podcasts and am really enjoying listening to the back issues, thanks for taking the time and doing a nice job with them. I tried a little with my wife and know how much time it takes… I don’t want to promote these links as I’ve not been active with them recently but might be interesting. http://mowingwithease.posterous.com/ We only managed I think 4 episodes :( perhaps a good thing but you’ve really got it sound good, great job.

My wife has a new blog, in czech language, heres the link anyway as there are lots of pictures http://zubeni.posterous.com/ (Zubeni means “toothy one”… she’s basically sharing recipees from one of Sally Folons books and cooking them and sharing photos etc, as well as basic texts from Weston A Price’s She’d love to translate the whole book to Czech but its a big book with currently small interest and no funding as yet. She’s doing this to help motivate her to study again the material for a presentation she’ll be doing about Price’s wonderful Nutritional research at a University next year.

My second love in life, after my wife is our Jersey cow, who we bought inspired by Price’s great book. We were so lucky to stumble across these books just before we considered conceiving our first child 6 years ago, and now our latest young one 6 month old. We’ve been at it for 5 or 6 years now, a small family farm/homestead and its great to hear your selfs and interviewees talking positively about non-vegetarian diets inspired by Western A Price. Its difficult to not see faces of people differently after reading Price’s book, which is sometime differ cult to do in silence.

Perhaps it also might be interesting for you or your listeners, we have a website http://www.mowingwithease.com or in czech http://www.kosimesnadno.com both redirect to the same pages which are in both English and Czech. But basicly we feed our 2 cows, 2 horses and Donkey with only hay cut by a scythe on our 5 Ha of meadows, of course we didn’t start off so big, we had 3 goats in the first year and gradually changed up to larger models over the years.. We run courses during the mowing season, seeing around 80 people a year on 3 courses, sell real quality Austrian scythe and accessories together more importantly with the know how to empower people in the satisfying sport of mowing and making hay with hand tools. This year we had an Australian couple from http://www.allsun.com.au/ who were almost our oldest and inspiring mowers yet.

Thanks again… and if our mowing website and scything in general would be interesting topic for your excellent podcasts I’d be happy to speak via skype with you both.

Kind regards and best of luck with, what is for us here a real passion and joy, homesteading/small family farm.

Neil, Vera, Ferdinand and Dorotka Dudman (in order of appearance) (and Silvester the cat



I was so enchanted by this family and the work they are doing that I forwarded the letter to Sally Fallon Morrell of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She asked Neil for permission to reprint it in their journal, Wise Traditions.


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